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QSense DFind Data Analysis Software

Software Overview

QSense DFind is the reliable and easy-to-use analysis software for experiments performed on QSense Explorer, Analyzer, Pro, and Omni systems. It helps you to quickly and simply extract the information you are looking for, such as mass, thickness, viscoelasticity, and adsorption or desorption rates.

All data treatment and analysis tools in one unified program

QSense DFind is a comprehensive analysis program with an intuitive graphical interface that helps users efficiently quantify, compile, and compare data throughout experiments. DFind simplifies the process from raw data reviewing, through modeling, to the information extraction, and the final report.

Exploit the full potential of the information in your data

The powerful software package helps you unveil and extract all the relevant information embedded in your data. In addition to the software-assisted modeling of mass and viscoelastic parameters, QSense DFind supports a range of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods.

Analyze all your data in one go

Equipped with a powerful analysis engine, QSense DFind boosts efficiency by enabling simultaneous analysis of multiple data sets. Use DFind to organize projects, share favorite templates with colleagues, and keep track of important experiments and tools.

Key Features of QSense DFind
  • QuickView and AutoPlotting to review and compare results
  • Material library and Model fit traffic lights
  • SmartTools analysis method toolbox for easy analysis using common methods
  • Batch mode and template tool for increased data reproducibility
  • Report tool for automatically generating reports specific to your needs
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