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Phenom Automation Packages

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Phenom Automation Packages

SEM automation offers transformative and cost-saving benefits for applications demanding high throughput data collection and reproducible microanalysis.  Automation brings robust quality control directly in-house, enabled by tailored protocols to yield fast data turns without compromising on accuracy and precision. 

Phenom Desktop SEMs, from ThermoFisher, have a wide range of automation packages that dramatically speed up the time to actionable data without requiring a trained microscopist’s intervention to obtain it.

High Throughput

Increase efficiency and reproducibility by automating your workflow


Analyze samples without the requirement of a skilled operator

Data-driven Decisions

Visualize results with customized reporting and make statistically informed decisions


Choose from off-the-shelf protocols or develop customized workflows

Automated Data Collection & Analysis

Phenom Automation Product Options

Automate data collection and analysis procedures with exclusive Phenom Desktop SEM software: 

ParticleX enables end-to-end data collection and analysis for the Phenom XL. Select from several ready-to-use packages or create your own workflow using versatile automation functions, set pass/fail criteria, and generate visual reports, all within an easy-to-use UI.  

Expand the capabilities of your Phenom Desktop SEM using PyPhenom, a Python-based programming language library.  Build your own workflows that control microscope hardware and automated data analysis (PPI). Or let us build the automated workflow for you (PPA).

Image Analysis Software

Phenom Prosuite Software

Image analysis software can extract actionable data about the size and shape of features in an SEM image. Developed specifically for the Phenom, ProSuite Software can massively increase data throughput and eliminate the user bias that can skew manual measurements. 

Knowledge Base

Phenom SEM Applications

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