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Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method

This application note describes the measurement of interfacial tension between oil and water under non- equilibrium conditions by using the ring method according to the ASTM standard.

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Contact angle – What is it and how do you measure it?

Contact angle, θ (theta), is a quantitative measure of wetting of a solid by a liquid. The behavior of single drop on a surface tells you a lot about the…

Attension® Theta Optical Tensiometers

Interfacial Rheology with the
Pulsating Drop Module

Product Overview

Go beyond surface and interfacial tension measurements to learn about the viscoelasticity of an interface. This technique expands upon the well-established pendant drop method: by oscillating the volume of a droplet with ultrafine control, the interfacial tension measured during the compression and dilation of a film at an air/liquid or liquid/liquid interface allows the rheological properties of viscosity and elasticity to be determined. These components can be used to quantify and characterize emulsion and foam stability.

Automated Interfacial Viscoelasticity

The fully automatic measurements of interfacial dilatational viscosity and elasticity are user-independent and highly accurate due to automatic droplet pulsation and measurement with our high-end Theta cameras.

Smarter Rheological Measurements

Increased measurement accuracy with automatic evaporation compensation to keep the droplet volume stable. Expanded experimental capabilities with a wide pulsation frequency range of up to 10 Hz using sinusoidal, triangle, or square waveforms.

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