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Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method

This application note describes the measurement of interfacial tension between oil and water under non- equilibrium conditions by using the ring method according to the ASTM standard.

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Contact angle – What is it and how do you measure it?

Contact angle, θ (theta), is a quantitative measure of wetting of a solid by a liquid. The behavior of single drop on a surface tells you a lot about the…

Attension® Theta Optical Tensiometers

Tilting Dynamic Contact Angle with the Attension® Tilting Cradle

Product Overview

The Attension Tilting Cradle allows software automated measurement of the dynamic advancing and receding angles as the droplet rolls on a tilted surface. Tilting options range from 0 to 90° with a resolution of 0.1°, giving a precise determination of a droplet’s roll-off angle.

Product Features:
  • Range of motion from 0° to 90° degrees, with resolution of 0.1°
  • Integration with OneAttension software to streamline data collection for dynamic contact angle research

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