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Battery Research Solutions


Battery technology continues to experience massive growth and innovation that is driven by the electrification of everything. Some of the biggest challenges faced in this industry are designing batteries with higher energy and power density, reducing charge times, extending battery lifetimes, and reducing the cost and environmental impact of manufacturing.

Nanoscience Instruments provides six distinct solutions to scientists involved in battery research:

  • Explore volatile lithium battery samples with electron microscopy in an inert environment
  • Characterize thousands of individual particles with automated SEM and EDS analysis
  • Monitor SEI formation in situ by pairing electrochemistry with a quartz crystal microbalance
  • Investigate wettability and electrolyte uptake with optical and force tensiometers
  • Test battery cells or study electrode materials with battery cyclers and potentiostats
  • Construct safer, improved separators with nanofiber materials from electrospinning

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