Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.


Phenom Family of SEMs
Phenom Desktop SEMs: Power, speed and ease of use come together in the highest quality tabletop SEM available.
Nanoscience Instruments traxAFM - an all-in-one atomic force microscope
Micromechanical Testing Systems
High-precision manipulators for micro-force sensing, assembly & probing
CNT Synthesizer
Fast and easy carbon nanotube synthesis for your lab or classroom
Zeta 3D Optical Microscope
Zeta-20 provides fast, 3D metrology data in true color

Nanoscience Instruments has over a decade of experience providing nanotechnology solutions to industry, education, and both academic and government researchers.

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Scanning Electron Microscopes, Atomic Force Microscopes, 3D optical profilers: We provide a full suite of high resolution microscopy and manipulation products, carbon nanotube synthesis, and consumables. 

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Specific applications and solutions ideal for the Phenom SEM, Nanosurf AFMs, and Zeta optical profilers. Download application notes and support material.

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New PoroMetric Pore Analysis Software for Phenom Desktop SEM
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AFM Probe Sale at Nanoscience Instruments!
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