Phenom SEM

Phenom ProX with Pro Suite

The Phenom SEMS are the world's best-selling SEMs:

  • Highest resolution tabletop scanning electron microscopes
  • Fast: Imaging in 30 seconds of sample loading
  • Vibrational stability: SEM requires no special lab infrastructure, imaging perfectly even in a noisy lab or on a manufacturing floor

Why Phenom?

Phenom ProX SEM with EDS

The perfect all-in-one tabletop SEM

  • Superb imaging up to 150,000x
  • Fully integrated EDS for elemental analysis
  • Multiple acceleration voltages

Phenom Pro SEM

The most professional tabletop SEM for imaging

  • Magnification up to 150,000x
  • Multiple acceleration voltages
  • Upgradeable with EDS to Phenom ProX SEM

Phenom Pure SEM

Entry-level tabletop SEM

  • Most intuitive and easy to use SEM
  • Magnification up to 65,000x
  • Upgradeable to Phenom Pro or ProX SEM with EDS 


Phenom Software
Phenom Software

Analyze fibers, pores or particles, surface roughness, elemental mapping and more

Phenom Accessories
Phenom Accessories

Sample holders, inserts and accessories

Phenom Specifications
Phenom Specifications

Specifications for Phenom SEMs


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