Bioavailability of Pharmaceutical Nanoparticle Formulations

By Sean Rapp, 1 minute to read
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Bioavailability of Pharmaceutical Nanoparticle Formulations: Application note Download

Every affliction of the body has its respective remedy, some targeted solution designed to alleviate or prevent negative health effects. Such remedies may have a long list of responsibilities to carry out once administered into the body – to soothe headaches, halt dripping noses, and calm itchy throats – but they all share one fundamental principle: have the highest therapeutic effectiveness possible. Formulation scientists are therefore tasked with leveraging properties of drugs on the micro and nanoscales to ensure that treatments act quickly and vigorously. To scrutinize characteristics on such small scales is to overcome the limitations of optical microscopy; and employing a more advanced technique – SEM (scanning electron microscopy) – is key.

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