One Attension Software for all Tensiometry and Contact Angle Measurements

OneAttension is an all-inclusive software that enables immediate access to all measurement capabilities with no need to purchase and install separate software modules. One software for all contact angle, adhesion force, drop shape, interfacial tension, interfacial rheology and tensiometry measurements with quick and intuitive user interface.

Best-in-class user interface
OneAttension software features an intuitive user interface, live analysis, configurable user groups and accounts and a preset liquid database. Any data point or groups of data points can be selected, transformed, plotted and analyzed. The in-depth analysis takes seconds and data can be easily exported. It complies with the promise of performance and simplicity:

  • Fully automatic measurements avoid user dependent variation and save time.
  • Select ready-made experiment recipes or create custom programs for quick and repeatable operations.
  • Automatic baseline detection and drop shape fitting
  • Contact angle on curved surfaces (circular or near-circular)
  • Flexible and programmable frame per second rate recorded by the camera