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Better, Faster & Remotely Controllable – A Demo Showing the Power of Modern Desktop SEM

Originally Aired:

Date: October 21, 2020


Remote Control of a Desktop SEM

Join us for a webinar and demonstration showcasing the power of desktop scanning electron microscopy. Thermo Scientific’s Phenom desktop SEM is the world’s best selling SEM, and after 15 years of continuous development the 6th generation of these systems takes yet another leap forward. Innovations include more powerful imaging, enhanced automation capabilities, and a brand new user interface geared towards remote operation. Learn why these features make the Thermo Scientific Desktop SEMs the instrument of choice for labs the world over.

Highlighted Features Include:

  • High Resolution: Up to 350,000x with 6 nm resolution
  • Fastest Workflow: Load a sample into the SEM and capture an image in only one minute
  • User-friendly: Brand new software integrates seamlessly with optical navigation and a motorized stage
  • Remote Control: The software can control every aspect of the Phenom, and you can control the software from anywhere
  • Powerful Options: Get the data you need with three detectors, including EDS for elemental analysis
  • Automated Platform: Dedicated software can detect, analyze, and create reports for thousands of features per hour

Presentation By:

David Marchand, Ph.D.
Senior Applications Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments

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