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Creating Drug Delivery Systems: Targeted Release with Electrospun Fibers and Electrosprayed Particles

Originally Aired:

Date: April 16, 2019


Join Dr. Francisco Chaparro of Nanoscience Instruments as he presents how electrospinning instrumentation is being used in the Drug Delivery applications.

Learn about the unique benefits of the Fluidnatek, an innovative commercial electrospinning/electrospraying system
Learn how to achieve reproducible results with the Fluidnatek
Become familiar with multiple systems that are currently developed with the Fluidnatek:

  • Core-shell fibers and particles
  • Tubular capsules
  • 1D and 3D drug delivery

Presentation By:

Francisco Chaparro Ph.D.
Product Manager – Electrospinning/Electrospraying
Nanoscience Instruments

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