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Empowering Nanoscale Discovery: Introducing Phenom Desktop STEM

Originally Aired:

Date: September 27, 2023


The STEM holder for the Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM unlocks advanced transmission imaging capabilities. With its dedicated detector, the holder offers bright field, dark field, and high-angle annular dark field imaging at resolutions less than 1nm. Seamlessly integrated within the user-friendly Phenom interface, these enhanced capabilities empower both novice and experienced users to obtain exceptional data.

Join us in our upcoming webinar as we delve into the expansive capabilities of the STEM holder, positioning it as a pivotal tool for diverse applications. We’ll spotlight its advantages for low accelerating voltage imaging in pathological and biological contexts and highlight the transformative impact of transmission imaging on advanced materials. Discover how the STEM holder can streamline your workflow and amplify the insights drawn from every sample.

Presentation By:

Ingrid Koch
Application Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments

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