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SEM Image Competition 2022

(Concluded on July 31, 2022; results published October 21, 2022.) Nanoscience Instruments welcomes you to our electron micrography contest: a platform to encourage creativity in scanning electron microscopy. Whether it be the granular rubble found in magnified exotic salts or the probing mandibles of an ant under a microscope, no limits exist for image content; we advocate striving for inspired visions through technical proficiency. You may ask yourself: which electron detector is best suited for this sample? How can the microscope’s parameters be optimized? What sort of structures can be revealed? What story does this image tell? Take this chance to share your most compelling and beautiful SEM images!

For more detailed information, the complete guidelines are supplied in the PDF further below.

Happy scanning!

Phenom Desktop SEM Image Competition 2022 Winners and Entrants

Contest Information (Closed)

Eligibility & Criteria

  • U.S. residents: 18 years +
  • Images acquired with a Phenom desktop SEM (scanning electron microscope)
  • Aspects of the judgement process:
    • Creativity and Originality
    • Informational Content
    • Technical Proficiency
    • Artistic and Visual Impact

Information & Rules

  • Submissions open from May 1, 2022 – July 30, 2022
  • Up to three (3) .jpeg, .png, .tiff formats in minimum 1024 x 1024 resolution
  • Post-processed images must be supplemented with their respective original micrograph

Accolades & Prizes

  • First Prize: $200.00
  • Second Prize: $150.00
  • Third Prize: $100.00
  • Honorable Mention Prize: $50.00 for each of the selected honorable mentions
  • Image publicity
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