Desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes

Phenom XL2 Scanning Electron Microscope

The Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscopes are the fastestmost versatile, and most user-friendly SEMs on the market.

Overview of the Phenom Desktop SEM

Designed for Users

The Phenom desktop SEM was designed with one goal: to be the easiest and most intuitive SEM ever built.

Fast Workflow

The system is always on and ready to image. Loading a sample and getting a focused SEM image only takes about one minute.

Powerful Features

Advanced electron sources and multiple detectors provide better data and beautiful images.

Intuitive Software

Imaging is as easy as one click. With the remotely accessible UI, you can run the instrument and acquire data from home.

It is truly amazing how easy it is to get high quality images with only a few clicks of the mouse. We’ve been using the Phenom for a couple years and it has been life changing.”

Andrew Collins, Global R&D Engineer at Velcro USA Inc.

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Key Features

Superb Image Quality

The CeB6 and field emission sources used in Phenoms are much brighter and create a naturally tighter beam than traditional tungsten SEM sources. That means great looking images with much less effort.

No User Maintenance

The Phenom is always ready with very low downtime. Unlike tungsten-based SEMs, frequent source changes are unnecessary. Phenoms run for years at a time with no maintenance.

Easy to Use

All Phenom SEMs feature advanced navigation with a motorized stage and optical stage camera that are precisely aligned with the electron image.

Vibration Insensitivity

The Phenom is the only SEM that is insensitive to vibrations. It can be used in noisy environments and does not require special tables or vibration isolation platforms.

Speed to Image

Load a sample into a Phenom and get a live SEM image in about 35 seconds. The Phenom is the fastest loading SEM thanks to its innovative load-lock stage design.

Low-Vacuum Mode

Image non-conducting samples without extra sample preparation or gold coating using the built-in low vacuum mode. No special detectors or additional infrastructure are required.

Automation Options

A suite of optional software packages allows automated image acquisition and processing for a variety of applications. Every Phenom includes automated image stitching. See the “Software” tab for more info.

Innovative Design

All of these features are possible due to the unique design concepts employed in the Phenom. Read on for a detailed description of what makes the Phenom so special!

Intuitive Navigation and Software

Phenoms are the only SEMs that were designed and built from the ground up specifically for ease of use. This is most evident in the instrument’s software, which allows for easy navigation and adjustment of all imaging parameters without relying on overwhelming menus. The entire interface is overlaid on a full-screen live image.

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Phenom Desktop SEM Models

Phenom XL G2

Largest sample capacity of any desktop SEM.

Product image of the Phenom XL2 desktop SEM

Phenom Pharos G2

The world’s only desktop Field Emission SEM.

Phenom Pro / ProX G6

The classic all-in-one imaging and EDS platform.

Product image of the Phenom ProX G6 desktop SEM

Argon-Compatible Phenom XL

Enables SEM imaging in an argon-filled glovebox.

Image of an argon-compatible Phenom XL

Phenom Pure

Cost-effective system for entry level users.

Product image of the Phenom Pure G6 desktop SEM

Phenom ParticleX – GSR

Fully automated Gunshot Residue analysis.

Product image of the Phenom GSR desktop SEM

Phenom ParticleX – Technical Cleanliness

Fully automated custom reporting for industry standards such as VDA 19 and / or ISO 16232.

Phenom ParticleX Technical Cleanliness

Phenom ParticleX – Additive Manufacturing

Fully automated particle characterization, morphology, and distribution analysis, and foreign particle identification with ASTM standard reporting.

Phenom ParticleX Additive Manufacturing

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Model / Specification Phenom Pharos Phenom XL Phenom Pro/ProX Phenom Pure
Electron SourceField Emission Gun (FEG)CeB6 crystalCeB6 crystalCeB6 crystal
Max. SEM Magnification2,000,000x200,000x350,000x175,000x
SEM Resolution – SED<2 nm10 nm6 nm15 nm
SEM Resolution – BSD3 nm10 nm8 nm15 nm
Acceleration Voltages1 – 20 kV5 – 20 kV5 – 20 kV5 kV or 10 kV
Navigation Camera
Motorized Stage
Vacuum optionsHigh, medium, and low vacuum (software selectable)High, medium, and low vacuum (software selectable)High and low vacuum sample holdersHigh and low vacuum sample holders
Sample HandlingSingle pin stub
25 mm diameter
Up to 36 pin stubs
100 mm x 100 mm
Single pin stub
25 mm diameter
Single pin stub
25 mm diameter
DetectorsBSD (standard)
SED (optional)
EDS (optional)
BSD (standard)
SED (optional)
EDS (optional)
BSD (standard)
SED (optional)
EDS (optional)
BSD (standard)
SED (optional)
EDS (optional)
Learn MoreView PharosView XLView Pro / ProXView Pure

Eucentric Tilt & Rotate Stage

Eucentric tilt rotate sample holder for Phenom desktop SEM
  • View a sample from any angle
  • Six total axes provide eucentric tilt and compucentric rotation control (XYZTR)
  • Tilt: -15o to +90o; Rotate: 360o

Tensile Testing Stage

Tensile testing in Phenom XL
  • Pull samples apart during live SEM viewing
  • Record force and displacement with dedicated tensile testing software
  • 150 and 1000 N load cells available

Temperature Control Stage

  • Freeze wet samples for viewing in the SEM
  • Useful for food, biological specimens, or any beam sensitive materials
  • Temperature range -25°C to +50°C

A full list of SEM accessories can be found here.

Sputter Coaters

Luxor Gold Coater

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Product Image 4
Sputter coat samples with a layer of gold to prevent charging on most samples

Luxor Platinum Coater

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Product Image 4
Sputter coat samples with an ultra-fine layer of platinum for high magnification FE-SEM imaging

SEM Image Analysis Software

Image analysis software can extract actionable data about the size and shape of features in an SEM image. Our programs, developed specifically for the Phenom, massively increase data throughput and eliminate the user bias that can skew manual measurements. Programs are available for:

  • Particle size distribution and shape analysis
  • Pore size distribution and shape analysis
  • Fiber diameter and orientation analysis
  • 3D surface reconstruction and roughness measurement

These programs can be combined with automatic image acquisition features—free with every Phenom—to create statistically significant data in very little time.

Particle Analysis and Pore Analysis

  • Auto detect and analyze pores or particles
  • Report size distribution and any other morphology/shape information
  • Detectable size range 100nm – 100μm
  • Up to 1000 features per minute

Fiber Analysis

Phenom SEM automated fiber analysis of tee shirt
  • Auto detect and analyze fibers
  • Report fiber diameter and orientation distributions
  • Detectable size range 100nm – 40μm
  • Up to 1000 fiber measurements per image

3D Surface Reconstruction

Phenom SEM 3d reconstruction of nanocrystals
  • Create 3D images of SEM samples
  • Report roughness values and export line profiles
  • Field of view 10μm – 2mm
  • Image based method; no stage tilt needed

Custom SEM Scripting with Python

For problems that cannot be solved with off-the-shelf software, create fully custom Python programs to automate data acquisition. The Phenom Programming Interface (PPI) offers total control of your SEM, and can be coupled with any other Python commands or packages.

Use PPI to automate the following functions:

  • Navigation and stage movement
  • Beam settings and image optimization
  • Image acquisition
  • Image processing via external Python packages

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant SEM Imaging

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and many other organizations must comply with the FDA’s requirements for data security. 21 CFR Part 11 stipulates that a piece of data is traceable to a time, place, and person. To meet this need, we have partnered with Quartz Imaging to utilize their Quartz PCI/CFR software. This package is designed specifically to help microscopes meet the requirements of Part 11.

Images from the microscope are acquired directly by the Quartz software. Users can post-process the image, then electronically sign the data and export a PDF. This process significantly reduces the complexity of the standard operating procedures for data integrity requirements.

Looking for fully automated SEM/EDS analysis of particles, inclusions, or filters? Please see the Phenom ParticleX.

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