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METEOR: An integrated cryo-CLEM imaging system for cryo-FIB/SEM

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METEOR is a top-down cryo-CLEM imaging system that is easily retrofitted to your cryo focused ion beam (FIB)/scanning electron microscope (SEM) system. By integrating fluorescence light microscopy (FLM) to the FIB/SEM, the current challenges in cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) workflows can be overcome, leading to improved sample yield.

Not only does METEOR reduce the number of transfer steps between microscopes, preventing damage and contamination to fragile biological samples, it will also allow you to confirm the region of interest (ROI) directly after FIB milling. Take only useful lamellae to the cryo-TEM.

METEOR is an award-winning tool that can be applied to a wide range of research areas including microbiology, neurosciences, immunology, virology, developmental, cell and molecular biology. Ideal for core facilities with multiple users and workflows, METEOR will boost productivity and efficiency leading to more impactful results sooner.

key benefits

Increase sample yield.
Target your ROIs and correlate better and more effectively with the integrated FLM. Reduce transfer steps and thereby sample damage.

Optimize your workflow.
Save time and work more efficiently by having both FLM and FIB in the same microscope.

Boost productivity.
Produce high-quality lamella more easily. Obtain insight into your biological system through getting useful tomography data more quickly.

Improve cost efficiency.
Use your cryo-TEM time more effectively on useful lamella. Remove the need for a separate cryo-FLM dedicated solely to ROI finding.

Watch a short video overview

The cryo-ET bottleneck: Low sample yield

Traditional cryo-ET workflows are based on a laborious process resulting in only 10-15% of usable lamella.1 Common issues seen in cryo-ET samples include ice crystals obscuring the ROI, mechanical damage, missing the target ROI, and devitrification.

Because TEM imaging requires very thin samples, even small amounts of ice contamination or damage can result in poor-quality data or unusable lamella. Stand-alone FLMs equipped with cryo-stages not only require extra transfer steps to the cryo-FIB/SEM but operate at atmospheric pressure. Combined, the risk of devitrification and ice contamination are much higher than with METEOR’s integrated cryo-CLEM platform.

1. K. Lau, C. Jonker, J. Liu, M. Smeets. “The Undesirable Effects and Impacts of Ice Contamination Experienced in the Cryo-Electron Tomography Workflow and Available Solutions.” Microscopy Today 2022, 30, 30-35.  

workflow: prepare lamella in 7 simple steps

Real results: visualizing protein deposits in yeast

METEOR was used to guide lamella milling in yeast cells, specifically targeting END condensates which form as a result of protein phase separation. The unique integration within METEOR allows the user to quickly switch between the SEM and FLM images in situ, allowing the fluorescence level of the ROI to be monitored throughout the milling process. By correlating the TEM and FLM images of the lamella, suitable regions for tomography can also be identified.

Correlative dataset showing FLM image acquired on METEOR (left), a low magnification TEM image of the lamella with the FLM image superimposed (middle), and a tomogram image acquired at high magnification in the TEM (right). Images copyrighted to Delmic and its collaborators.

ODEMIS: Open-source software suite for meteor

Every METEOR comes standard with ODEMIS, a user-friendly, open-source, and intuitive software suite.

  • Control METEOR FLM imaging and SEM stage
  • Acquire Z-stacks, overview and multi-channel images
  • Switch between SEM and FLM positions effortlessly
  • Multiple licenses and updates for free
  • Python scripting to automate routine procedures

Integration & Compatibility

METEOR is the first commercially available integrated cryo-CLEM solution designed to retrofit into your cryo FIB/SEM.

Compatible system/cols:

  • ThermoFisher Scientific – Aquilos, Helios, Scios
  • Zeiss – Crossbeam 550, Crossbeam 550L