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Electrospinning Innovations in Commercial Medical Devices

Originally Aired:

Date: January 25, 2024


Join us for an insightful webinar spotlighting the integration of electrospinning and electrospun materials in today’s medical landscape. We will explore how this cutting-edge technology drives advancements across diverse commercial healthcare applications.

Electrospinning has come to play a pivotal role in transforming wound healing and dressings, enhancing drug delivery systems for precise treatments, and providing significant contributions in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It has also found its application in creating implantable medical devices and fostering the development of biocompatible materials that are reshaping the medical device industry.

We will focus on these four main areas and explore examples of the commercially available devices within them, including:

  • Injectable drug release capsules
  • Controlled release particles
  • Implantable, bioresorbable fibrous matrix
  • Electrospun fibrous sutures
  • Nonwoven composite membranes as device coatings
  • Micronized, electrospun fiber matrix (injectable & dispersible)
  • Implantable, fibrous tubular structures
  • Nerve conduit/grafting structures
  • Research & cellular culture/therapy supplies

We will also highlight a few of the innovative companies that manufacture these devices and therapeutics.

Presentation By:

Dr. Hannah A. Lacy
Application Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments

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