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Fluidnatek Electrospinning & Electrospraying Equipment

Electrospinning & Electrospraying equipment

Fluidnatek® Electrospinning Equipment

The Fluidnatek® electrospinning and electrospraying equipment by Bioinicia is designed for the fabrication of micro and nano scaled fibers and particles through the electrospinning and electrospraying techniques. The equipment models scale from benchtop for the lab space, to fully automated equipment for industrial manufacturing. These units are versatile and powerful tools to obtain precise, controlled, reproducible and scalable product for your application needs.


Develop samples with needle-based or needle-less emitters, or both

Advanced Processing

Process two solutions with independent voltages to generate two types of fibers, particles, or both

Optimize Reproducibility

Environmental Control supports increasing/decreasing temperature, relative humidity, and air flow

Real-Time Measurement

A metrology system allows you to measure sample thickness

cGMP Certifiable

Validation for cGMP processes through IQ/OQ/PQ documentation packages

Powerful Software

Batch control, Audit trail, pre-defined recipes, monitor 20+ parameters, and remote access

See available configurations

standard Fluidnatek® Product Options

Each piece of equipment generated by Fluidnatek is engineered to produce consistent, high-quality results across the entire equipment series. The systems provide a high level of control over environmental conditions to ensure higher reproducibility year-round. Recipes developed on tabletop units can be transferred to larger volume instruments. 

The LE-50 is a compact, lightweight system with the features of an advanced research station. Ideal for proof-of-concept and feasibility studies for developing new materials and formulations. 

The LE-100 is the ideal choice for scientists and engineers working on advanced development projects, where experimental capabilities, tighter process control, and larger sample sizes are key.

The LE-500 is designed to increase the throughput of electrospun and electrosprayed products. Ideal for advanced development projects, beta-release, and other pre-market introduction activities.

The Fluidnatek HT Industrial Electrospinning Machine is the ideal industrial equipment when large scale production and sample reproducibility are needed.

See Biomedical configurations

Fluidnatek® Biomedical Systems

The Fluidnatek Biomedical devices are engineered to be used in medical applications like: tissue engineering, medical devices, wound healing and biotextiles. The systems are ideal for use when cleanliness and sterility are essential. The biomedical devices allow for finer process control, increased batch-to-batch consistency and are cGMP and ISO-13485 certifiable.

Ideal for biomedical companies requiring aseptic sample development for medical products under ISO-5 environment, cGMP, and ISO-13485 certification standards.

Ideal for coating stents, or fabricating vascular grafts, heart valves, and other tubular structures in an ISO-7 environment that meets standards for cGMP, or ISO-13485 certification.

The unit of choice to coat electrospun fibers onto medical devices with complex structures. It offers all the capabilities of the standard LE-500 equipment.

Download the Fluidnatek Electrospinning Product Brochure:

Environmental Control Unit

Environmental Control for Precise Regulation

Temperature and relative humidity are known to be among the most critical factors that need to be controlled during electrospinning and electrospraying processes due to the significant impact they have on the solvent evaporation rate of the precursor solution. We offer an environmental control unit, which when combined with the Fluidnatek line, delivers full control of the global process parameters. With the ECU, you can achieve consistent, reproducible, and defect-free fiber/particle deposition with no user-dependent variability.

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Bioinicia Electrospinning Equipment

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Maximum sample size (mm) 200 x 314 200 x 314 300 x roll capacity 500 x roll capacity 1600 x roll capacity
Maximum number of syringe pumps 3 3 3 3 N/A (operated with large vessel)
Maximum number of needles 5 10 40 370 5,500+
Maximum voltage drop (kV) 40 40 60 80 120
Maximum volume per batch (mL) 420 420 560 8,000 60,000 (capable of continuous filling
Collector polarity Optional -10kV Optional -10kV Optional -30kV Standard -30kV Standard -60kV
Automatable axes 1 (Y) 2 (X,Y) 3 (X,Y,Z) 2 (Y,Z) 1 (X)
Metrology system No No Optional Optional Optional
Taylor cone visualization camera Optional Optional Optional Optional N/A
Ultraclean cabinet (HEPA/ULPA exhaust filtration) No Optional Optional Optional Optional
UV-C lamps No No Optional Optional N/A
Remote ethernet access No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recipe-operated system No Optional Optional Optional Standard
Actively regulated exhaust No Optional Optional Standard Standard
Relative humidity & temperature conditioning No Optional Optional Optional Standard
Sterile/ biomedical device configurations available No Yes Yes Yes Optional
Dimension, W x D x H (cm) 50 x 55 x 52 85 x 66 x 85 90 x 124 x 195 162 x 160 x 220 900 x 260 x 220 (HT)

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