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Technology: Electrospinning

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Tech Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Controlling the Orientation of Electrospun Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering

Electrospinning is a versatile and promising technique for fabricating nanofibrous scaffolds that can biomimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) of natural tissues. These nanofibrous scaffolds have several unique properties, including a…

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Tissue scaffolds: Perfect nanofibers with Electrospinning

What if you could quickly and easily customize the porosity, flexibility, and strength of your tissue scaffolds to mimic the properties of native tissue more closely? Fabricating tissue scaffolds to…

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Controlling temperature and relative humidity for electrospinning and electrospraying sample development

Over the past decade, the emergence and evolution of electrospinning and electrospraying manufacturing techniques have accelerated the development of various applications including tissue engineering, drug delivery, filtration, and energy storage….

Temperature's effect on fiber diameter and distribution

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospinning for Improved Nanofiber Production

There are multiple manufacturing processes for fiber production. Depending on the physical and/or chemical properties of the materials to be used in some techniques are more feasible than others. Common…

3 different configurations for fiber production

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospun Nanofiber Structure and Morphology

The beauty of the electrospinning technique is that it allows the production of fibers in different structural organization and morphologies to meet their application needs. Researchers and industries use fibers…

Nanofiber Characterization of Electrospun Fibers

Extruded fibers used for nonwoven textiles are found in many consumer products including filters, wipes, automotive components, upholstery, sports apparel, roofing materials, bedding, fiberglass boats, surgical gowns, and diapers. Fabrics,…

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospun Patches for Regenerative Medicine

Electrospun Scaffolding for Regenerative Medicine In order to properly regenerate cells and tissues that have been damaged or lost due to a disease or age, the scientific community has employed…

Electrosprayed CDC cell distribution time

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Co-Spinning Fibers and Cells to Improve Infiltration

Improving Cell Infiltration in Electrospun Nanofibers It is common knowledge that in order to biomimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) structure, electrospun fibers can be created with fiber diameter ranging in…

Glioma cells and aligned electrospun PCL fibers

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Cell Growth and Proliferation on Electrospun Scaffolds

Electrospun Scaffolding for Cell Growth and Tissue Engineering In any type of scaffolding material cell migration, proliferation and differentiation are a key parameter for the success of tissue engineering and…

Electrospun tubular shaped scaffolds

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Biomimetic Mechanical Properties of Tissue Constructs

Electrospun Nanofiber Scaffolding for Blood Vessels One of the main goals of electrospun fibrous scaffolding is to completely biomimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) environment. This includes incorporating cells and sustaining…

Comparison of blood vessels with electrospun fibers

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Bioactive Incorporation into Spun Scaffolds

Electrospun Scaffolds that are Thermolabile Bioactive Scaffolding techniques such as 3D printing and melt electrospinning can resemble the extracellular matrix (ECM) environment, however, due to the high temperatures involved they…

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospun Grafts for Wound Healing

Regenerative Medicine Utilizing Electrospun Scaffolds for Wound Healing Imagine a world where no organ donors are needed; a world where any type of tissue can be artificially created and function…

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