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Electrospinning Scalability of BioTextiles for Tissue Engineering & Medical Applications

Originally Aired:

Date: March 23, 2023


Electrospinning is a rapidly growing method for producing nonwoven materials that mimic the extracellular matrix of the in vivo environment. This technique allows for the use of environmentally friendly polymers and the integration of thermally sensitive additives to create biotextiles for medical purposes.

Its ability to generate fibers on the nano- and micro-scale, as well as a variety of sample morphologies and complex structures, has made it a popular choice among researchers in academia and industry. However, conventional electrospinning setups can be limited in terms of scalability and production, hindering its potential for commercial applications on a large scale.

In this webinar, Dr. Francisco J. Chaparro will delve into various strategies to enhance the scalability of electrospun materials. Topics to be covered include the optimization of solution recipes, process parameter adjustments, and common tips and tricks. The webinar will also discuss roll-to-roll electrospinning, improvements in sample thickness and fiber deposition, needle-based vs needle-less techniques, and real-time area density measurement. Finally, Francisco will demonstrate how to scale up a solution of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) from one needle to a multi-needle setup using the Fluidnatek technology and its associated environmental control unit.

Presentation By:

Francisco J. Chaparro, Ph.D.
Product Manager, Fluidnatek Electrospinning/Electrospraying Systems
Nanoscience Instruments

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