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Enhancing EOR with High-Pressure Contact Angle Measurements

Originally Aired:

Date: September 12, 2019


Replicate Real-World Conditions with Attension Theta Flex

Enhanced Oil Recovery requires analysis and methods undertaken at the reservoir conditions. The high pressures and temperatures of the reservoir affect all aspects of the surfactants: the interfacial tension, wetting and foam properties. The Attension Theta Flex High-Pressure chamber replicates these harsh conditions of an oil field. Combined with the intuitive OneAttension software, and easy-to-use high-pressure chamber system, you’ll be able to measure contact angle interfacial rheology, pendant drop plus more.

Perform High-Pressure Tensiometry with the Attension Theta Flex High-Pressure

The Attension Theta Flex High Pressure is capable of 400 bar, 200 °C, and has largest sample size on the market. Optional automatic pumps make pressure control and drop dispensing a click away. A unique piston design keeps the bulk sample concentration constant during pressurization, making experiments easy to design and execute. Sample introduction is managed by a smart sample port, limiting sample volumes and making cleaning easy.

  • Simple sample introduction and cleaning
  • Optional automated pressure and droplet control
  • Unique chamber and piston design

Combining imaging at up to 3009 fps and the intelligent OneAttension software, high-pressure contact angle and interfacial tension measurements with both liquids and gases are made easy. Additional options including Peltier sub-room temperature cooling make the The Attension Theta Flex High Pressure Chamber the most versatile instrument of its kind.

Join Dr. Andrew White, Applications Scientist at Nanoscience Instruments, as he presents the features and benefits of the Attension Theta Flex High Pressure contact angle meter.

Smart tensiometry solutions. Attension Theta Flex High Pressure.

Presentation By:

Andrew White, PhD
Application Scientist
Nanoscience Instruments

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