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Spinbox electrospinner

Modular Benchtop Unit for Proof-of-Concept on New Materials & Formulations

Ideal for innovation and new concept development of new materials and formulations. Its wide range of capabilities and exceptional reliability allows scientists to prototype and optimize their concepts efficiently and reproducibly.

  • Designed to fit in small laboratory spaces
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use

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Basic Kit

Spinbox electrospinner basic system

Enter the world of professional electrospinning and electrospraying instruments with this easy to use kit.

Intermediate Kit

Spinbox electrospinner intermediate system

All the benefits of the Basic Kit, plus a rotating drum collector system for generating aligned fibers.

Advanced Kit

Spinbox electrospinner advanced system

Generate complex samples like core-shell and tubular structures with higher throughput, larger deposition area, and better homogeneity.



This equipment not only offers the basic needs to create electrosprayed particles and electrospun fibers, but it also offers a chemically resistant cabinet and multiple features to obtain aligned fibers, core-shell particles or fibers, ability to increase uniformity and production, among others. As compared to home-built systems, this unit also offers the advantage of a passive exhaust system to remove gas solvents from both processes allowing the user to maximize their fume hood workspace.

Selected Standard Features

  • Small-scale production for concept development
  • Modular control for user flexibility
  • High voltage power supply (0 to +30 kV)
  • Solution dispensed through syringe pumps or pressurized vessels
  • Variable target distance (emitter to collector)
  • Safety shut-off switches in access doors
  • Passive exhaust system

Optional Upgradeable Features

  • Adjustable negative high voltage power supply to improve sample deposition (-10 to 0 kV)
  • Up to three syringe pumps for coaxial or triaxial processing
  • Taylor cone visualization system
  • Rotating collector (disk, drum, mandrel)
  • Scanning emitter motion to improve thickness distrubution




Maximum sample size (mm) 200 X 314
Maximum number of syringe pumps 3
Maximum number of needles 5
Maximum voltage drop (kV) 40
Maximum volume per batch (mL) 420
Collector polarity Optional -10kV
Automatable axes 1 (Y)
Solvent gas jacket No
Taylor cone visualization camera Optional
Ultraclean cabinet (HEPA/ULPA exhaust filtration) No
UV-C lamps No
Remote ethernet access No
Actively regulated exhaust No
Relative humidity & temperature conditioning No
Dimensions, W x D x H (cm) 50 x 55 x 52
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