Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation (QCM-D)

QSense QCM-D technology and instrumentation enable analysis of molecular interactions and surface properties


QSense Initiator

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Entry Level QCM-D Instrument

QSense Initiator focuses on the fundamental functions and qualities of QCM-D analysis. It produces data with superior accuracy, has a robust design and enables a wide range of experimental conditions to suit your basic needs.

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High quality data

Rapid data sampling and qualitative components ensure excellent data quality and accurate measurements.

Robust design

Easy to set up and run. Controlled environment conditions thanks to exquisite temperature and liquid flow control.

Wide range of experimental conditions

High chemical compatibility and wide temperature span. Compatible with the entire range of QSensors.

Category QSense Initiator Specification
Number of sensors 1
Minimum sample volume ~200 μl
Temperature range, +/- 0.02 °C 20 – 45 °C
Time resolution 0.5 s
Harmonics 2
Quantification of mass, viscoel. prop Limited
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