Why Use An SEM in Battery Research? 

The functional properties of a battery, not limited to just its performance, are inherently dependent upon the microstructure and surface morphology of electrodes and separators….

Posted: February 22, 2023 | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

How to Combat Electric Charge Buildup in Scanning Electron Microscopy 

The fundamental unit of electric charge is the electron, an elementary particle that can be used in the domain of microscopy to see beyond the…

Posted: February 8, 2023 | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

2023 Product Updates from Fluidnatek

Have you heard about the latest advancements in electrospinning technology? Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up with the most recent releases! New Biomedical Systems…

Posted: January 13, 2023 | Technology: Electrospinning & Electrospraying

Desktop SEM vs Floor Model SEM: A Comparison

In the realms of scientific industry and research, scanning electron microscopes are among the most common imaging tools for studying the microstructures of materials. Microscopists…

Posted: January 9, 2023 | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

How Surface Roughness and Wettability Affects Biocompatibility

When biomedical devices are developed or optimized, biocompatibility is an important factor that must be considered. It is imperative that any device that comes in…

Posted: November 5, 2021 | Technology: Tensiometry

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