VitroJet: Revolutionizing CryoEM Sample Prep

April 28, 2020 | News Type: Technology:

Moving beyond plunge freezing

The increasing demand of CryoEM for producing high resolution 3D structures is hampered by sample preparation, a major bottle neck in the CryoEM workflow. Current commercial sample preparation techniques rely on methods that are limited in efficiency and reproducibility. Despite innovation in microscope technology, the unreliable method of plunge freezing with subsequent post clipping still remains common practice. The good news is that the VitroJetTM from CryoSol-World has been developed to introduce several controllable techniques and combine them into one device with minimal operator intervention.1

Please join applications scientist Giulia Weissenberger from CryoSol-World to learn about the fully automated solution that the VitroJetTM provides.

The VitroJetTM is a fully automated solution that utilizes pre-clipped autogrids. It also includes integrated plasma cleaning of the grid, a novel blotless technique called pin printing, visual feedback on sample deposition, and cryogen jetting for sample vitrification. This result in much higher success rates, a frustration-free approach to sample prep, and faster time to 3D structure.

1“Automated CryoEM sample preparation by pin-printing and jet vitrification” BioRxiv
VitroJetTM: Revolutionizing CryoEM Sample Prep
Moving beyond plunge freezing

Original Presentation Date: April 28th, 2020
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM (Eastern)
Presenter: Giulia Weissenberger
Application Scientist from CryoSol-World
Giulia Weissenberger