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Nanoscience Instruments Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Nanoscience Instruments announces its 20th anniversary as a trusted supplier of scientific instrumentation.

Nanoscience Instruments was incorporated in September 2002 in Phoenix, AZ by Mark Flowers and Sebastian Kossek, two veterans of the scanning probe microscopy industry. Originally founded to fill the need for providing scientific instrumentation to the growing nanotechnology market in North America, the company quickly expanded beyond scanning probe microscopy products in the coming years. By 2009, Nanoscience Instruments was supplying optical metrology, then scanning electron microscopy instruments. This led to the eventual purchase of assets of Phenom World North America, thereby establishing a formal service facility for SEMs. In 2013, Applications and Sales offices were launched in Alexandria, VA to better serve the Eastern US.

In its 20 years of existence, Nanoscience Instruments has solidified an exceptional reputation with its North American customers and scientific instrument manufacturers alike. This has led to an ever-expanding product portfolio. In 2016, electrospinning equipment from Fluidnatek as well as surface and interfacial characterization products from Biolin Scientific were adopted. Meanwhile, NSI moved to its current Phoenix HQ location, effectively quadrupling its footprint. Since 2020, the company ventured into the transmission electron microscopy space, requiring a specialized technical sales force. This growth was accompanied by new product lines from DENSsolutions, CryoSol, Delmic, and Amsterdam scientific.

“Nanoscience Instruments has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception two decades ago,” said Sebastian Kossek. “Our focus has always been on enabling both our suppliers and customers through our expertise in scientific instrumentation, honesty, and superb customer service.”

The company works in synergy with its clients to develop new applications and solutions for academic and industrial applications. In 2018, Nanoscience Analytical was founded to increase the services offered and leverage expertise from applications scientists and lab instrumentation. NSA functions as a contract analytical laboratory and contract research organization (CRO), allowing it to contribute to research, failure analysis, process development, and quality control for many different companies.

“NSI and NSA are sister companies that work alongside and add great value to one another,” said Mark Flowers. “Combined, we provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, enabling advancement in science, medicine, engineering, and technology as a whole.”

Now boasting over 70 employees, Nanoscience Instruments is sustained by world-class sales, applications, marketing, and service teams spanning three business units: Scanning Electron Microscopy, Nanomaterials and Interfaces, and Cryo-electron and Transmission Electron Microscopy. The NSA team continues to grow while new instrumentation is added to address growing demand for its unique services.

About Nanoscience Instruments:

Nanoscience Instruments is a trusted supplier of the most innovative and highest quality analytical solutions to academia and industry. We specialize in microscopy and surface science instrumentation to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems leading to breakthrough innovations. Nanoscience Instruments offers a wide range of instrumentation and analytical services including scanning electron microscopes, electrospinning equipment, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, optical and force tensiometers, nanoparticle generators, cathodoluminescence detectors, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, and TEM accessories such as cryoEM sample preparation, in-situ sample holders, and hybrid pixel detectors. The full portfolio is available on the Nanoscience Instruments website: 

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