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Ceres Ice Defense System

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Reduce ice contamination during cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and cryogenic electron tomography (cryo-ET) experiments.

Three Components to Reduce Ice Contamination

Clean Station

A purpose-built glovebox for preparing cryo-ET samples in a low humidity environment without a dry room.

Vitri lock

Transfer samples under vitreous temperatures and high vacuum. This eliminates a major source of crystalline ice contamination during transfer.

Ice Shield

Reduce amorphous ice growth within the cryo-FIB/SEM by nearly 100% and yield overall higher quality lamellae.

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Many users suffer setbacks in their cryo-EM workflow due to ice contamination and limitations with sample prep. The CERES Ice Defense System enables better data, every time.


The CERES is designed to work with your existing cryo-FIB/SEM setup and can be installed on microscopes from Thermo Fisher, FEI, Zeiss, JEOL, and others. The CERES is also compatible with Aquilos 1, Aquilos 2, Leica, and Quorum cryo workflows.

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