Broad Ion Beam Milling

Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation. Ion beam polishing, slope-cutting and EBSD sample preparation for TEM and SEM.


Precision Ion Mills

Optimal surface preparation on a wide range of sample types

Technoorg Linda Ion Mills created from over 25 years of technical innovation. Leveraging expertise from a Nobel Laureate in Physics and a team of scientists and engineers, these systems are the most precise, fastest and easiest to use instruments available

Offering the widest range of beam energies and beam inclinations, these tools excel in sample preparation for a wide range of sample types including alloys, semiconductors, polymers, soft materials and organics.

Utilized the world over in a variety of fields including material science, biological research, geology, semiconductor and optical industry, multi-layer systems and many others.

Highlighted Features

  • Highest thinning rate for fast slope cuts a multiple angles
  • Dedicated low energy gun for best SEM/TEM sample surface finishes
  • Longest-life ion gun, can be cleaned within an hour
  • Automated operation with pre-programmed recipes for user-independent results
  • Low-temperature cooling with monitoring for temperature-sensitive samples
  • Lowest yearly operating costs

Each tool is designed for applications that require fine polishing of EBSD samples, thinning of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) samples, uniform fine polishing of heterogeneous surfaces, air protected sample preparation environment to prevent oxidation, and integrated stage cooling for temperature sensitive samples.

Grain Orientation Analysis

The SEMPrep2 quickly prepares site specific cross sectional EBSD samples utilizing a high energy ion gun. Site specific cross sectional EBSD sample preparation with high energy Ion Gun for grain orientation analysis.

  • Precise preparation, cross sections of samples – hard, soft, or composites – without smearing, crumbling, distorting, or contaminating them in any way
  • The highest thinning rate for fast slope cuts at multiple angles
  • Long-life ion gun can easily be cleaned in an hour

Features for Versatility

Cover all possible sample types with two different cooling options for diverse specimen preparation.

The Liquid Nitrogen cooling is suggested for heat sensitive or cryo specimens. With this option the sample temperature can be decreased dramatically and controlled in the sub-zero range.

Peltier cooling is a comfortable protection against overheating and it helps to keep the sample around room temperature.

Examples of Easily Prepared Specimen

  • Alloys
  • Semiconductors
  • Polymers
  • Soft materials
  • Organics

Product Image of the Technoorg-Linda SEMPrep 2

SEMPrep 2

High-quality site-specific sample preparation for SEM applications. Slope cutting, polishing & cleaning of samples for SEM, EBSD, CL, EDS & WDS

Product Image of the Technoorg-Linda UniMill


Fully automated ion beam thinning system for TEM/XTEM sample preparation. Thinning & gentle polishing/cleaning of TEM samples.

Product Image of the Technoorg-Linda Gentle Mill

Gentle Mill

FIB sample preparation for final polishing and cleaning. Cleaning & post-processing of TEM & FIB samples.

Application Notes: Sample Preparation with Ion Beam Milling