Confidence in Cleanliness: Automated SEM for Analysis of Manufactured Parts

Originally Aired:

Date: August 24, 2023


As specifications get tighter and demand increases on manufactured components, manufacturers are depending more on a comprehensive cleanliness analysis to increase workflow and decrease field failures. Although, current methodologies may provide a snapshot of the cleanliness of a part, testing such as gravimetric, or optical microscopy do not provide the full picture of what the “Killer Particles” are and where they are coming from.

ParticleX TC is an automated scanning electron microscopy solution that not only provides morphology information but can provide the elemental analysis of each particle. This data can be reported in compliance with ISO16232 or VDA19 standards. This webinar will review how ParticleX TC is currently used by manufacturers as a powerful tool that can increase productivity and profits by just monitoring their cleanliness of their parts.

Presentation By:

Ben Abraham
Product Manager
Nanoscience Instruments

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