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What is ParticleX? Automated Particle Analysis for Scanning Electron Microscopy

Originally Aired:

Date: April 20, 2023


Routine and manual SEM characterization can be a tedious labor that leaves little room to perform additional analysis and reporting without consuming more time. To remedy these issues and add a level of consistency for data collection, automated processes for quality control have been implemented with SEMs to provide a complete analysis of particle morphology, size, and chemical composition.

ParticleX is a versatile and customizable software package for automated particle analysis. This webinar presentation will explain the essence of ParticleX, its various reporting packages, classification systems, and analysis options users have at their disposal. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of why automated SEM characterization is beneficial for quality control and research and development in industries that demand high throughput, and actionable data.

Presentation By:

Ben Abraham
Product Manager
Nanoscience Instruments

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