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Ceramics typically include a combination of ionic and covalent bonds to form a material with high modulus and hardness, high melting point, high thermal expansion and corrosion resistance. Because these materials may be brittle, fracture toughness is also an important mechanical property. Composites are made from…

Temperature's effect on fiber diameter and distribution

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospinning for Improved Nanofiber Production

There are multiple manufacturing processes for fiber production. Depending on the physical and/or chemical properties of the materials to be used in some techniques are more feasible than others. Common techniques include 3D printing, hot melt extrusion, and electrospinning. Among these, the electrospinning technique, which…

3 different configurations for fiber production

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospun Nanofiber Structure and Morphology

The beauty of the electrospinning technique is that it allows the production of fibers in different structural organization and morphologies to meet their application needs. Researchers and industries use fibers in applications like drug delivery, tissue engineering, energy storage, textiles, and filtration of different media….

Nanofiber Characterization of Electrospun Fibers

Extruded fibers used for nonwoven textiles are found in many consumer products including filters, wipes, automotive components, upholstery, sports apparel, roofing materials, bedding, fiberglass boats, surgical gowns, and diapers. Fabrics, filtration, medical scaffolds, fuel cells, insulation and other applications now include nanofibers for improved product…

App Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Gunshot Residue (GSR) Analysis

Gunshot residue (GSR) analysis is a standard method to determine if a firearm has been used. Particles for GSR analysis typically range from 0.5 to 10 microns. Often the primer particles containing lead (Pb), barium (Ba) and antimony (Sb) are detected and analyzed using EDS…

Colorized Scanning Electron Microscope image of hair

App Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Trace Evidence

The instruments commonly used in criminal or environmental forensic investigations and analysis include scanning electron and optical microscopes. These tools are used to characterize forensic evidence like fabrics, metals, textile or glass. Microscopic imaging can also aid in identifying scratches and indents from tool marks, blood,…

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Optical and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are some of the instruments commonly used in general investigations and analyses for criminal, environmental and industrial forensics. These tools are used to characterize forensic evidence like fabrics, metals, particulates, textile or glass. Microscopic imaging can also aid in…

App Note | Technology: Scanning Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy of Minerals

Scanning electron microscopy is now a routine technology employed in the study of rocks and minerals. In addition to providing high-resolution images, electron microscopes generate a variety of additional signals that are often employed to further our understanding of geological samples. Chief among these are back-scatter electron…

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Earth Sciences & Geology

Cathodoluminescence (CL) imaging is used to study provenance, texture, growth zonation, composition, and the presence of trace elements in rocks to determine history, composition, and permeability. CL can be used to study geological samples such as sandstone and zircon. The porosity and composition of sedimentary rocks like…

App Note | Technology: Electrospinning

Electrospun Patches for Regenerative Medicine

Electrospun Scaffolding for Regenerative Medicine In order to properly regenerate cells and tissues that have been damaged or lost due to a disease or age, the scientific community has employed electrospun samples thanks to their ability to biomimic the extracellular matrix (ECM) native structure. The…

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