Why Fluidnatek®?

The Fluidnatek® electrospinning and electrospraying equipment is designed for precision, control, versatility and scalability.

Electospinning for nanofibers and Electrospraying for nanoparticles production

The Fluidnatek® equipment runs both processes, electrospinning for the creation of nanofibers and electrospraying for the creation of nanoparticles. The stable and reproducible process allows for precise control of fiber diameter or particle size with high homogeneity (well controlled size distribution equals low dispersion of fiber/particle sizes).

Electrospinning Color

Unrivalled reproducibility and Scalability:

Each of the Fluidnatek® equipment models is engineered to produce consistent, high quality results across the entire equipment series. Recipes developed on tabletop units can be transferred to larger volume instruments with confidence.

Maximum Versatility and Flexibility:

Designed to produce large variety of materials that can be spun or sprayed. Any material in a solution or emulsion and in any solvent can be used. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

  • Syntheic Polymers
  • BioPolymers
  • Biodegradable Polymers
  • Inorganic Materials
  • Encapsulated Actives

Designed to work under sterile and clean-room conditions:

With the unique requirements for Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Food Manufacturing in mind. The equipment was designed to meet ISO and cGMP certification for drug, cosmetic and food product innovation.

Efficient workflow, short set-up time and minimal maintenance:

The Fluidnatek® equipment is easily cleaned, maintained and serviceable. All parts of the instrument are accessible and user friendly. Equipped with touchscreen controls, same user interface and recipe transferability between platforms, transferring from bench to full-scale production is fast and efficient.

Climate control for precise process control

Combined with a climate control unit, the Fluidnatek® delivers full control of the global process parameters achieving experiments that are reproducible and operator independent (Not available on LE-10).

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Why Fluidnatek®?
Why Fluidnatek®?

Features and benefits of the FLUIDNATEK® product line

Fluidnatek® LE-10
Fluidnatek® LE-10

Bench-top Laboratory Machine

Fluidnatek® LE-50
Fluidnatek® LE-50

Bench-top Mid-Scale Laboratory Machine

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Fluidnatek® LE-500

Pilot Plant Electrospinning machine

Compare Fluidnatek® Products
Compare Fluidnatek® Products

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