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Nanoscience Instruments Announces the Launch of the Spinbox Electrospinning and Electrospraying System

Upgrade from home-built electrospinning/electrospraying units to the professional quality Spinbox—a user friendly, cost effective solution for perfect nanofibers every time

Nanoscience Instruments proudly announces the launch of the Spinbox, an ideal instrument for entry into professional electrospinning systems. The Spinbox offers a safe, low cost electrospinning alternative for users of all skill levels and applications, from research labs looking to upgrade from home-built systems, to manufacturers wanting to explore scalable new ideas.

The modular design of the Spinbox system supports a wide variety of plug-and-play accessories for myriad applications such as: regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, drug delivery, energy storage, and filtration. “Spinbox systems can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of each user,” explains Francisco J. Chaparro, PhD, Electrospinning Applications Scientist. There are several accessories available for fiber and particle collection depending on the sample structures that the user wants to fabricate, such as a rotating drum collector for deposition of aligned or random fibers. Dr. Chaparro describes the value of the rotating drum accessory, stating, “For users to obtain perfectly aligned fibers and target desired mechanical properties, the circumference of the drum collector and its rotational speed are critical factors. To carefully tune alignment and achieve precise fiber parameters, multiple sizes of rotating collectors are available, and rotational speeds can be increased up to 3,000 rpm. This best-in-class range enables fabrication of random or aligned nanofibers with unparalleled reliability and ease of production.”

Built with safety in mind, the Spinbox is CE compliant with UL certification upon request, making it suitable for any user in almost any setting. “The Spinbox’s unrivaled safety features enable fabrication of nanofibers using solutions and solvents that are typically considered hazardous for processing with home-built units,” says Matthew Dixon, PhD, Business Unit Manager. “Unlike home-built units which often utilize makeshift insulation, the Spinbox is built from materials that prevent electrostatic charge buildup, supporting a much safer workflow.” Additionally, the interlocking chamber door shuts off the high voltage output if the door is opened for any reason during operation, further protecting users from electrical discharge.

The Spinbox is a true benchtop electrospinning system, equipped with its own active exhaust system. This unique ventilation system removes harmful solvent vapors from the Spinbox chamber without requiring space under a fume hood. In addition, the Spinbox tracks and displays key environmental factors like temperature and relative humidity within the chamber. By consistently tracking the environmental variation that affects solvent evaporation, users can increase repeatability and fabricate perfect nanofibers every time.

For more information about the Spinbox system, or to see the products and services provided by Nanoscience Instruments, please visit:

About Nanoscience Instruments

Nanoscience Instruments is a trusted supplier of the most innovative and highest quality analytical solutions to academia and industry. With installations in over 1,000 labs in the US and Canada, we help scientists and engineers solve complex problems leading to breakthrough innovations. Nanoscience Instruments offers a wide range of instrumentation and analytical services including scanning electron microscopes, electrospinning equipment, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, optical and force tensiometers, nanoparticle generators, cathodoluminescence detectors, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, and TEM accessories such as cryoEM sample preparation, in-situ sample holders, and hybrid pixel detectors. The full portfolio is available on the Nanoscience Instruments website:

About Bioinicia

Bioinicia is a leading manufacturer of electrospinning and electrospraying instrumentation. Their instruments support innovation in a wide variety of applications, and are designed with careful attention to user safety, repeatability, and precision control. To learn more about Bioinicia’s products, please visit:

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