Fluidnatek® LE-500

Fluidnatek LE-500

FLUIDNATEK® LE-500 Pilot Scale Machine

The ideal choice for scientist and engineers needing pre-production volumes and production-quality materials. The LE-500 can be used in advanced development projects, beta-release and other pre-market introduction activities. It employs the same core technology as Bioinicia’s full production equipment.

Selected Standard Features:

  • Pilot Scale with production quality
  • Bipolar Capability
  • Continuous web roll to roll material collection
  • Controlled fluid delivery to spray heads from two large big capacity vessel(s)
  • Variable target distance (emitter to collector)
  • Remote Ethernet Access
  • Variable positive high voltage to emitter and non-regulated negative high voltage to collector
  • Touch screen controls
  • Safety shut-off switches in access doors
  • Efficient solvent exhaust system

Optional Features:

  • Climate control unit for total process control
  • Bipolarity to enhance particle collection and reduce waste
  • Dual phase (coaxial)
  • Air or Gas-assisted Electrospinning head
  • Four independent pumping systems
  • Simultaneous Spinning 90-180º
  • Jet visualization camera
  • Motioned collectors (drums, discs, mandrels)
  • Single Axis Scanning Motion
  • Syringe Heating
  • Laminar flow
  • Biological safety cabinet

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