Phenom XL SEM for Additive Manufacturing

Scanning Electron Microscopy Additive Manufacturing Application

Automated Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDS Spectroscopy is the proven solution for additive manufacturing. Users are able to monitor the three most critical characteristics of metal powders for powder-bed and powder-fed additive manufacturing processes: monitoring particle size distributions, revealing individual particle morphology and identifying foreign particles.

The Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM for additive manufacturing measures various size and shape parameters, such as minimum and maximum diameter, perimeter, aspect ratio, roughness, and ferret diameter. All of which can be displayed with 10%, 50%, 90% values (e.g. d10, d50, d90).
The supplied analysis recipes allows you to differentiate between satellite particles, spherical particles and deformed particles. Particles Size Distributions can be plotted as number-based or volume-based.

The integrated EDX allows elemental analysis and classification of each individual particle, allowing you to readily identify any foreign particulate in your powder from previous printing cycles.

  • Metal Powders Characterization
  • Particle morphology and granulometry
  • Particle composition
  • Identify potential points of fracture

The ASTM standards used in characterizing metal additive manufacturing material:

There are a multitude of ASTM standards for preparing and characterizing metal additive powders are used throughout the industry. The most relevant ASTM standard for microscopy include B215-15 and F1877-16. The first standard discusses collecting an appropriate quantity of material to represent the bulk and the second standard discusses how this material is subsequently characterized. A summary of each of these standards is found below:

ASTM B215-15: Standard Practice for Sampling Metal Powders

This standard covers how a small quantity of metal powder is to be collected such that it is representative of the entire batch of material. The standardized method for obtaining test portions of metal powder are covered considering the possibility of segregation of the metal powder during and after the filling of the containers.

ASTM F1877-16: Standard Practice for Characterization of Particles

This standard covers the proper procedures for characterizing the morphology, quantity, size, and size distribution of particles. The SEM characterization method is included in this standard. The standard defines and depicts critical parameter morphology parameters including equivalent circle diameter (ECD), aspect ratio (AR), elongation (E), Roundness (R), and Form Factor (FF).

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