Scanning Electron Microscopes

The fastest desktop electron microscopes for high-quality imaging and analysis.


Phenom Software

Phenom Pro Suite Interface for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

Phenom Pro Suite

Extends the capabilities of the Phenom for specific applications.

Elemental Mapping & Line Scan Software for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

EDS Mapping & Line Scan

Mapping & line scan software to reveal the distribution of elements.

Fiber Analysis software for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

Fiber Analysis (Fibermetric)

Fiber analysis software for statistical data.

Particlemetric software for Phenom SEM

Particle Analysis (Particlemetric)

Statistical data and analysis for morphology, particle size distribution and more.

Porometric pore analysis software

Pore Analysis (Porometric)

PoroMetric software provides statistical data for pore size and distribution.

3D reconstruction software for Scanning Electron Microscope

3D Reconstruction

Create three-dimensional SEM images and measure submicrometer roughness.

Programming Interface software for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

Programming Interface

Automate acquisition or analysis to maximize your workflow with PPI for the Phenom SEM.

FDA compliant software for Phenom SEM

Quartz PCI/CFR

Bring your Phenom SEM into compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Gunshot residue particle

Perception GSR

Dedicated Phenom GSR SEM