Scanning Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation

Fully automated, low cost benchtop sputter coating device to coat Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) samples


Sputter Coater

Gold Coater: SEM Coating Made Easy

The LUXORTM benchtop sputter coater is a fully-automated, affordable magnetron sputter coating device to coat Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) samples with a conductive gold or gold/palladium layer. Easy to operate and use, with a robust and safe design, it is a 2nd-generation instrument, based on the working principles of the “mini-sputter coater 1”, of which multiple units have been installed over the last decade.

LUXORTM Benchtop Sputter Coater Benefits:


Reproducible coatings and automated operation at an affordable price, just set thickness and push ‘Start’

Microscope Protection

Protect your dekstop scanning electron microscope by automatically removing loose particles, outgas porous samples and evaporate wet samples

Designed for User Safety

Safe operation with double implosion protection shield and no high voltage outside the housing that sits conveniently on your desktop or benchtop in your lab

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Product Image

Fully Automated Benchtop Sputter Coater

Magnetron sputtering device to coat desktop SEM samples with a conductive layer (Gold,Gold/Palladium, Palladium) from 1 to 50 nm thickness.

Mount up to 12 sample stubs in the sample preparation station, and push the ‘Start’ button.

Triple Functionality

  • Gold sputtering mode
  • Sample drying mode
  • Vacuum mode
Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Touch Screen

Single Touch Operation

Just select thickness and push ‘Start’. No operator management of vacuum, current or sputtering times yields reproducible, homogeneous metal coatings.

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Safe Design

SEM Protection Function

The LUXORTM benchtop sputter coater has its sample station placed at the top of the sampling chamber and the magnetron head placement at the bottom. This creates optimum coatings as the samples are hanging upside down, so any loose material or particles are automatically removed before the sample enters your scanning electron microscope. Automatically removing loose particles, out-gassing porous samples and evaporation wet samples means better protection for your SEM.

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater Sample Preparation

Robust and Safe Design

  • Easy sample mounting
  • No high voltage components outside the instrument housing
  • Easy target replacement
  • Small footprint (30 cm X 30 cm)

Technical Specifications

Category Specification
User Interface Touch screen display
Connections Power: 230/110 V, 50/60 Hz
Socket outlet for vacuum pump: 230/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 6.3 A max.
Process gas connector: 4 mm x 1 mm
Vacuum connector for DN KF16
Sputtering Parameters Thickness continuously selectable from 1 to 50 nm
Drying Parameters Vacuum level selectable from 5 Pa to 300 Pa
Process time selectable from 1 to 240 minutes
Average Working Distance 40 mm
Target Size Ø 30 mm
Target Materials Supported Au, Au/Pd, Pd, Ag
Electrical Supply 500 W (including pump)
120 W (without pump)
Gas Supply Air or argon, 0.6 bar
Weight and Dimensions

11.3 kg, 300 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 450 mm (H)
Process Chamber Borosilicate glass Ø 100 mm x 150 mm height
Implosion Shield PET Ø 120 mm x 150 mm height
Supplied with the Unit 1 x Gold target Ø 30 mm, thickness 100 µm (99,999% purity)
1 x Recipient boron silicate glass
2 x Rubber seals
1 x Implosion shield
1 x Top lock (sample preparation stand)
1 x Power cord
1 x Instruction and safety manual
Vacuum Pump Can be ordered separately as “pump kit” including:
1 x 2-stage roughing pump with 4.8 m³/h pump capacity
1 x Vacuum hose, DN KF16, length 1 m
2 x Fittings DN KF16
2 x Seals DN KF16
1 x Oil mist filter
Accessories Top lock for Phenom Desktop SEM sample holders
Spare Parts Target Ø 30 mm (gold, gold/palladium)