Phenom Programming Interface

Schematic of the Phenom Programming Interface

Programming Interface

Create your own workflow with the Phenom Programming Interface! PPI is a must-have for any customer that wants to integrate their Phenom desktop SEM into a production process.

PPI can create a customized solution to a problem that can be resolved using automation. Unlock the full potential of your Phenom desktop SEM using PPI to automate the operation of the motorized stage, navigation camera, and imaging controls.

Key Specifications

  • Connects a PC or laptop to the network-outlet of the Phenom
  • Uses standard programming languages as C#/.NET clients and C++ for writing scripts and programs

In this video, the PhenomCtl component of PPI is used to locate and image 4 locations, AFM cantilevers in this example, and show the final SEM and optical images: