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Advances in Automated Inclusion Analysis using Desktop SEM

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Phenom SEM Automation

ParticleX Steel for Inclusion Analysis

Image of steel rolls to indicate inclusion free steel production

Metallurgists in steel manufacturing use inclusion analysis to understand the quality of their steel and the steel-making process. Some non-metallic inclusions may be needed in the steel, but certain inclusions may be harmful, and understanding these inclusions can improve the quality of the steel and prevent issues in the steel-making process such as nozzle clogs.

The Phenom ParticleX Steel Desktop SEM solution is a versatile and easy-to-use instrument for automated inclusion analysis and reporting. It adds fast and accurate automated inclusion analysis software to the world’s bestselling desktop SEM. With the quick and accurate 100 x 100 mm2 staging, bright CeB6 source, and ease of use software, setting up automated inclusion analysis has never been easier or more accurate. Combine with the customizable reporting which can include metals cleanliness rating, incision inclusion density information, and customizable ternaries, metallurgists have the perfect tool to understand their steel-making process and the quality of their product.


Customizable recipes and actionable reporting


ASTM E45 & E2142 metals cleanliness reporting

Particle-Specific Data

Revisit individual inclusions for further analysis

Extreme Value Analysis

Extreme value plots based on ASTM E2283

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ParticleX Steel

Package Features

ParticleX Steel is the complete solution for metallurgists at steel manufacturing plants. When inclusion analysis is needed, ParticleX Steel is the turnkey solution metallurgists rely on. With preset recipes, Al-killed, Si-killed or Ca-treated steel samples can be analyzed right out the box. If needed, classification rules and reports can be customized for any metal or specialty alloy. Once the data is acquired, customized reports that include ternary diagrams, inclusion density and sizing histograms can be reported. If metals cleanliness is of interest, ASTM E45/2142, JIS G 0555, ISO 4967 and more reports can be generated and rolling direction of the steel automatically detected. Extreme value plots can also be calculated all in the same reporting software. Proving that the Phenom ParticleX Steel solution is tool that all metallurgists need to monitor their steel making process.

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