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ParticleX Technical Cleanliness (TC)

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ParticleX Technical Cleanliness (TC)

Image of a machined part with no particulate contaminants

As the automotive industry evolves with new technologies, the cleanliness of parts becomes even more vital. ISO 16232 and VDA 19 have been the technical cleanliness standards that automotive manufacturers follow when developing quality manufacturing specifications. As standards become stricter, understanding more than just the size of these particles becomes crucial.

The ParticleX Technical Cleanliness (TC) solution allows manufacturers and suppliers the ability to measure the size, shape, and elemental composition of contaminant particles. Providing the elemental composition not only allows users to identify abrasive particles but also can help them pinpoint the source of their contamination. Standard reports can also be compliant with VDA 19 and ISO 16232 reporting allowing pass-fail criteria to be set for each part.

Standardized Reports

VDA 19 & ISO 16232 compliant reporting


Analyze up to 10,000 particles per hour

Integrated EDS

Identify abrasive particles & sources of contamination

Particle-Specific Data

Revisit any particle for further analysis

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ParticleX Technical Cleanliness

Package Features

The ParticleX Technical Cleanliness solution adds automated SEM/EDS analysis to the ease of use of the Phenom XL. While optical microscopy can provide the number and size of these particles, the Phenom ParticleX solution provides the number of particles and the size, shape, and elemental classification of each particle. With this large amount of data collected, users can create pass/fail criteria in customized automated reports that are compliant with ISO16232 or VDA 19 standards. This allows suppliers and manufacturers to not only find abrasive killer particles but help locate the contamination source.

The ParticleX TC solution is based on the Phenom XL Desktop SEM. Users not only have access to the automated SEM/EDS software package but the ability to perform general SEM/EDS analysis on the world’s best-selling tabletop SEM. It can be equipped with a secondary electron detector (SED) and an energy dispersive spectroscopy detector (EDS). With a variety of software packages, the Phenom ParticleX Desktop SEM is the perfect tool to fit your entire workflow.

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