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Integrated Circuit EDS Map

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Axia ChemiSEM

Product image of the Axia ChemiSEM
Product Image of the Phenom XL desktop SEM

The AxiaTM ChemiSEMTM is a new generation of scanning electron microscope, designed to provide the most efficient SEM-EDS user experience possible. The Axia uses the ChemiSEMTM technology to provide real-time access to quantitative elemental mapping. The Axia also provides a new level of robustness and flexibility, with a wide range of detector options, and the largest weight capacity of any SEM.


  • Take the fastest route to elemental analysis with live, quantitative compositional imaging
  • Stay focused on data collection with a system that is always aligned and ready to image
  • Obtain results quickly with a user experience designed for improving time to data
  • Accommodate any samples up to 10 kg with the 5-axis stage
  • Handle demanding tasks using the Axia ChemiSEM’s excellent imaging performance
  • Save on maintenance time with a system designed for reliability

Nanoscience Instruments is a distributor for the Thermo ScientificTM Axia ChemiSEM in the U.S. Our dedicated sales, applications, and service staff have over 200 years of combined experience in SEM. Speak to one of our experts today.

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Axia ChemiSEM Features

ChemiSEM Technology

ChemiSEM is a fundamentally new approach to EDS analysis that streamlines the collection, processing, and presentation of the compositional information from a sample. It will allow you to observe quantitative elemental information through colors in the image – as soon as the beam is turned on.

ChemiSEM uses dedicated hardware to integrate the X-ray and imaging signals in real time. Feature recognition algorithms are used with the grayscale image to intelligently colorize the image at full resolution, while advanced spectral processing algorithms are used on the X-ray data to ensure that every pixel contains quantitatively accurate compositional information.

BSE image of Ni-Cu coated Al

ChemiSEM image of Ni-Cu coated Al

Ni-Cu coated Al imaged simultaneously with BSE (left) and ChemiSEM (right).

Unmatched Sample Capacity

The Axia ChemiSEM was designed for maximum flexibility in handling samples. It can accommodate extremely large and heavy samples, even up to 10 kg.

  • 5-axis motorized, compucentric stage
  • 120 x 120 mm X-Y, Z-axis travel 55 mm (@ 0° tilt)
  • Tilt -15° to +90°​
  • Max. sample height: 128 mm @ 10 mm analytical WD.
  • Max. sample width: 267 mm
  • Max. sample weight 10 kg

Loading a large catalyst support into the sample chamber.

Wide Range of Standard Detectors

Every Axia comes standard with three detectors (SED, BSD, and EDS) as well as two cameras (color navigation camera and IR chamber camera) for maximum flexibility. A wide range of additional detectors are available as well – including cathodoluminescence (panchromatic, RGB, and/or spectral CL), EBSD, and correlative microscopy (CLEM) – which can be installed on any of the system’s five extra chamber ports.

Secondary electron detectorSE image from Axia ChemiSEM
Backscattered electron detectorBSE image from Axia ChemiSEM
EDS detector with ChemiSEM technologyEDS map from Axia ChemiSEM
IR chamber cameraChamber cam image from Axia ChemiSEM
Color optical navigation cameraNavcam image from Axia ChemiSEM

User-Friendly Software

The Axia ChemiSEM focuses on clear and simple operation, especially with respect to EDS acquisition. ChemiSEM technology halves the time it takes to collect an EDS map. In the video below, the user zooms from 80x to 2000x, increases dwell time to collect a clear image, then switches to ChemiSEM for real-time, colorized, quantitative EDS mapping – all in 30 seconds!

Axia ChemiSEM workflow: Instantaneously switch from SEM imaging to live elemental quantification via ChemiSEM.

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Model Axia ChemiSEM
Electron Source Pre-centered and pre-heated tungsten filament
Imaging Resolution (SE) 3 nm @ 30 kV
8 nm @ 3 kV
Stage Axes XYZTR
XY: 120 x 120 mm
Z: 55 mm
Tilt: -15° to +90°
Max Sample Size (ZTR Axes Removed) 240 x 280 x 128 mm
10 kg
Standard Detectors Everhart-Thornley SE Detector
Retractable BSE detector (2 Segment)
TrueSight X EDS detector with ChemiSEM technology
Color optical navigation camera
IR chamber camera
Vacuum Options High vacuum (standard)
Variable pressure up to 150 Pa (optional, includes low vacuum detector)
Customizability Five available chamber ports. Optional EBSD or cathodoluminescence.

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