Accessories for Phenom SEMs

Phenom desktop SEM - EDS map of an electronic chip
Tabletop SEM image of tin spheres

Meteorite EDS Map


Lily Pollen

Integrated circuit EDS map

Integrated Circuit EDS Map

Tin spheres

Tin Spheres

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Eucentric Stage for Phenom XL

Eucentric tilt and rotation sample holder for Phenom SEM
The only eucentric tilt stage available on a desktop SEM. Six motorized axes provide control over the the height, tilt, and rotation of the sample, while maintaining perfect focus.

Eucentric Stage (PDF)

In situ Tensile Testing for Phenom XL

Tensile sample holder for Phenom SEM
Pull apart samples in the SEM with forces as high as 1 kN, while generating a movie from automatically acquired SEM images.

Tensile Stage (PDF)

LUXOR Sputter Coaters

Luxor Gold Sputter Coater

LUXORTM sputter coaters are fully automated devices developed specifically for Phenom desktop SEMs (scanning electron microscopes). They create perfect gold and platinum coatings for improved electric conductivity, better sample protection, and an increase in emitted secondary electrons, which means higher resolution imaging — all at the push of a single button.

LUXOR Sputter Coaters Page

Cold Stage for Phenom Pro/Pharos

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder for Phenom SEM

Freeze organic samples so that they are vacuum compatible without requiring dehydration. Built-in charge reduction mode allows clear imaging of non-conducting samples.

Temperature Control Stage (PDF)

Phenom XL Holder Inserts
Inserts for conveniently mounting filters or resin pucks. Available for 25mm, 32mm, or 38mm.
Image of the Resin Mount sample holder for the Phenom XL
Electrical Feedthrough Holder
Connect electrical probes to the sample. Six connectors carry up to 50V DC and 1A. Available for all models.
Electrical feedthrough sample holder for Phenom tabletop SEM
Nebula Particle Disperser
Perfectly disperse particles on an SEM stub. Ideal for preparing samples for ParticleMetric or ParticleX.
Nebula particle dispersion system for Phenom tabletop SEM

Many other accessories and specialty sample holders are available. Please contact us to discuss your application.

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