Phenom XL Accessories

Motorized Tilt & Rotation SEM Sample Holder

Eucentric Sample Stage

In many SEM applications, a user can gain more insight into sample properties if the sample can be tilted and rotated. The Eucentric Sample Holder for the Phenom XL has been specifically developed with that in mind.

The holder contains a sub-stage that allows users to easily and safely look at a sample from all sides.

Key features:

  • Eucentric tilting and compucentric rotation on a desktop SEM
  • Fast time-to-image with sample loading < 1 minute
  • Real-time 3D sample visualization module
  • Tilt angle up to 90˚
  • Fully integrated anti-collision safety mechanism.
What is a Eucentric stage?  The Phenom utilizes the standard x-y motorized translation to keep your area of interest centered while tilting or rotating.



SEM Resin Mount Inserts

Resin mounts for Phenom SEM

The resin mount inserts offer a few specific advantages. Sample clamping is very straight forward and all samples will have the same working distance which is very useful when performing X-ray (EDS) analysis.

Resin mount samples have a perfectly prepared flat top surface which is a requirement for quantitative EDS results. However the bottom surface can be very rough or even skewed. Mounting these samples without the insert can often result in the top surface not being leveled which can have a negative effect on the EDS quantification results.

By using the inserts the resin sample bottom will not touch the surface of the sample holder. The top side of the resin samples will be perfectly clamped at the same height inside the insert which enables both high resolution imaging and EDS analysis at the same time.

The Resin Mount Sample Insert is available in 3 models for supporting standard sized samples of 25mm (~1 inch), 32mm (~1 ¼ inch) and 40mm (~1 ½ inch) diameter. An allen key for clamping the samples is standard included.


There are 3 type of resin mount inserts available depending on sample size requirement:

  • 9x 25mm (1”) diameter samples, maximum 25mm height
  • 6x 32mm (1 ¼”) diameter samples, maximum 25mm height
  • 4x 40mm (1 ½”) diameter samples, maximum 25mm height


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