Phenom ProX with EDS

Phenom ProX desktop SEM image and EDS of excipients

Phenom ProX SEM with EDS for elemental identification

The Phenom ProX desktop scanning electron microscope is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system.  Sample structures can be physically examined and their elemental composition determined.  Viewing three-dimensional images of microscopic structures only solves half the problem when analyzing samples. It is often necessary to collect more than imaging data to be able to identify the different elements in a specimen. This is accomplished in the Phenom ProX with a fully integrated and specifically designed energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector.

EDS Spectrum

EDS Spectrum for elemental analysis from Phenom ProX SEM

The EDS software package runs smart algorithms with advanced peak analysis to optimize the auto-identification functionality, while still allowing for manual adjustments at any time in the analysis process. The intuitive step-by-step process within the software helps the user to collect all X-ray results in an organized and structured way.

EDS is a technique that analyzes X-rays generated by the bombardment of the sample by an electron beam. EDS elemental analysis is fully embedded into the Phenom ProX system. The X-ray detector and control software are combined in one package. This Elemental Identification (EID) software package allows the user to program multiple point analysis, and identify any hidden elements within the sample. Additionally, this software can be expanded with elemental mapping functionality. The step-by-step guided process within the EID software helps the user to collect all X-ray results in an organized and structured way.


  • Magnification range 20 - 150,000x
  • Intuitive user interface, maximum employability
  • Images up to 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • Sample loading in less than 30 seconds
  • Very low energy consumption

Imaging Modes

Light Optical magnification range: 20 - 135x
Electron Optical magnification range: 80 - 150,000x
Digital zoom: max. 12x

EDS Detector

Element detection range:  B - Am


Light Optical: Selectable axial and off-axis LEDs
Electron Optical: Long-lifetime thermionic source
Acceleration Voltage: 5 - 15 kV
Resolution: Better than 10 nm