The Electrochemical Society 2023: Boston, MA

243rd ECS Meeting

Find us the Exhibit Hall and discover our suite of electrochemistry solutions designed to empower your battery research. Explore structure-activity relationships with our best-in-class instrumentation, including scanning electron microscopes, quartz crystal microbalances, tensiometers, and potentiostats. Optimize nanostructured materials with our electrospinners, electrosprayers, and spark ablators.

Don’t miss the opportunity to test-drive the Phenom XL Desktop SEM to experience why it’s the best-selling benchtop SEM!

Interested in fabricating better catalyst-coated membranes and nanoparticles? Our close partners, VSParticle, pioneers in spark ablation will be right next door at Booth 104.

We will also be joined by our new partners and leaders in electrochemical instrumentation, IVIUM Technologies, in booth 106.

Expo Hours

May 29 – 31, 2023:
: 6pm – 8pm 
Tuesday: 2pm – 8pm 
Wednesday: 2pm – 8pm 


Booth #102

Hynes Convention Center, Hall A, Plaza Level
100 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Image air-sensitive materials in an inert environment with compact yet powerful benchtop SEM. Multi-sample capacity and automation options are available to increase your throughput.
Monitoring dynamic structural changes at the SEI in situ with EQCM-D and investigate ion intercalation, corrosion, electrodeposition, and many more properties relevant to batteries.
Characterize and optimize electrolyte uptake in battery electrodes using automated optical tensiometry; measure contact angle, surface free energy, and many other parameters.
Fabricate nanofiber-based battery separators using electrospinning. Fine-tune properties to optimize electrolyte uptake, conductivity, tensile strength, thermal stability, and more.
Single-step fabrication of catalyst-coated-membranes via spark ablation and impaction printing.
Explore a myriad of electrochemical measurements including sweep, transient, corrosion, impedance techniques, and more with compact potentiostats and galvanostats.
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