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Nanoparticle Printing Technology for Catalyst Coated Membrane R&D

Originally Aired:

Date: November 15, 2022


Meeting the extraordinary demand for Green Hydrogen over the next decade demands efficient technologies that can scale electrolyzer production while remaining cost competitive. To meet this goal, manufacturing methods that both simplify fabrication and enable rapid screening of key technologies, such as catalyst coated membranes (CCMs), are greatly needed.

In this webinar, Aaike van Vugt will talk about how VSParticle solutions accelerate R&D and simplify mass production of CCMs for a variety of applications including PEM electrolyzers1, fuel cells, and CO2 electrolysis. Based on spark ablation technology, VSP’s tools facilitate controlled and solvent-free generation and printing of metal, alloyed or semi-conductive nanoparticles. Their tools are allowing research scientists to rapidly screen electrocatalysts and fabricate more efficient CCMs at a fraction of the cost of commercial materials.

Whether you are looking for an ink-free CCM production method, desire a versatile and powerful prototyping tool, or simply want to produce (and/or deposit) nanoparticles in a faster, controlled manner then this webinar is for you. By attending this webinar, you will get:

  • An introduction to spark ablation nanomaterial production methodology
  • How Nano-aerosol processing technology unlocks quantum enhanced materials
  • Overview of CCMs: current state of the art and key challenges
  • Examples of real CCMs fabricated by the VSP-P1 NanoPrinter
  • Roadmap of novel nano-aerosol processing technology
  • Live Q&A with guest speaker Aaike van Vugt


  1. F.M. Sapountzi et al. Spark Ablation for the Fabrication of PEM Water Electrolysis Catalyst-Coated Membranes.Catalysts 202212(11), 1343;

Presentation By:

Aaike Van Vugt
Co-founder & CEO

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