Nanoscience Instruments and VSParticle Announce New US Distribution Partnership.

Nanoscience Instruments is proud to partner with VSParticle as the North American partner serving the US and Canadian markets. Researchers in different fields are using nanoparticles as standard building blocks to develop new materials. Complexity related to nanoparticle synthesis is drastically impacting the speed of research. To help researchers speeding up their nanoparticle research VSParticle providing R&D systems to automate nanoparticle sample fabrication. The VSP-G1, the source for generating nanoparticles, is a new and novel nanoparticle generation system that utilizes spark ablation technology to generate particles from 1-20 nm in a stable and reproducible manner.

This partnership will provide a synergistic fit to the core competencies of Nanoscience Instruments and the markets they serve. “Any solid conductive or semi-conductive material can be used to generate single or combined nanoparticles ushering in a new standard for nanoparticle generation,” says Sebastian Kossek, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments.

VSParticle was born out of TU Delft research labs, leveraging over 20 years of aerosol synthesis experience, discovering an efficient and reproducible method for generating nanoparticles with spark ablation. “Rethinking the production process for developing new materials to solve complex problems of sustainability is bridging the gap between research and industry. It is the key to realizing the full potential of nanotechnology,” says Aaike van Vugt, Co-Founder and CEO of VSParticle.

“As scientists and researchers are looking to solve increased energy demands and find solutions for alternative energy, such as hydrogen as an alternative fuel, nanostructured materials in electrocatalysis becomes an important variable in the complex efficiency equation,” says Tobias Pfeiffer, Co-Founder and CTO. “Unlocking the energy storage and conversion efficiency by using nanoparticles comprised of precious metals allows for reaction to take place at lower temperatures and pressures, thus improving the overall efficiency. VSParticle helps researchers in catalysis prepare electrodes in a reproducible and highly controllable manner.”

“The instrumentation from VSParticle enables limitless potential for researchers to consistently synthesize nanoparticles. This technology will pave the way for the creation of new high-technology materials for a broad number of applications, changing the landscape of innovation around the world,” says Mark Flowers, co-owner of Nanoscience Instruments. “Additionally, we offer contract analytical services through our sister company Nanoscience Analytical. Utilizing VSParticle’s technology, our team is available to provide proof of concept development and streamlined processes to support researchers across North America.”

For more information about VSParticle and the products and services they provide, visit them online at

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