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Nanoscience Instruments announces partnership with Ivium Technologies

Value-added distributor of scientific instrumentation in North America expands portfolio of solutions for electrochemical research and battery development

Nanoscience Instruments has strategically partnered with Ivium Technologies, a Dutch manufacturer of advanced potentiostats/galvanostats and battery cycling instrumentation to distribute their products across the United States and Canada. This expansion to the portfolio of electrochemical research solutions aligns with Nanoscience Instruments’ mission of connecting customers to innovative products and services that enable them to solve complex problems, leading to scientific breakthroughs. The addition of Ivium’s robust battery cyclers and potentiostats will enable customers across many industries and fields of academic research to delve deeper into the mechanisms that drive high-performance batteries, fuel cells, and other energy storage devices.

“We remain committed to finding the most innovative technologies around the world to better support the continually evolving needs of the scientific community in North America,” explains Nanoscience Instruments Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Flowers. “Our partnership with Ivium emphasizes our dedication to scientists in rapidly-growing fields such as battery research and development, providing them with the full solution needed to accomplish their goals.”

Building upon the growing assortment of microscopy, surface characterization, and interfacial analysis tools that Nanoscience Instruments sells, the Ivium products complement the company’s existing specialties and enrich its position as a trusted supplier of equipment for research at the nanoscale. Nanoscience Instruments’ dedicated teams for technical sales, application support, and service and maintenance are proud to now represent Ivium’s range of products, including portable single channel potentiostats, high-volume battery cylers, and multi-channel potentiostats with premium mix-and-match modules and automation capabilities for varying experimental needs. Additionally, Nanoscience Instruments has recently invested in expanding its team of application scientists that provide in-house support for the electrochemistry and battery development markets.

Ivium Technologies is best known for developing the first truly portable, USB-powered potentiostat/galvanostat with an integrated Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for easy electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in the field. Over the years, the team of technical experts at Ivium has established a global reputation for making highly accurate and customizable instruments that suit any electrochemical application. Sebastian Kossek, PhD, Co-CEO of Nanoscience Instruments adds, “Ivium benefits from a wealth of knowledge as their team is comprised of electrochemists with decades of collective experience. This places them at a competitive advantage because they not only deeply understand the fundamental science and demands of electrochemistry experiments but also how to customize instruments for complex applications that challenge the limits of many other potentiostats and battery cyclers on the market today.”

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Nanoscience Instruments is a trusted supplier of the most innovative and highest quality analytical solutions to academia and industry. We specialize in microscopy and surface science instrumentation to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems leading to breakthrough innovations. Nanoscience Instruments offers a wide range of instrumentation and analytical services including scanning electron microscopes, electrospinning equipment, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, optical and force tensiometers, nanoparticle generators, cathodoluminescence detectors, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, and TEM accessories such as cryoEM sample preparation, in-situ sample holders, hybrid pixel detectors, and electrochemistry tools. The full portfolio is available on the Nanoscience Instruments website:

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