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Unrivaled 2 nanometer resolution tabletop FE-SEM

Nanoscience Instruments introduces the second generation Thermo Scientific™ Phenom Pharos™ desktop Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

Nanoscience Instruments proudly announces the launch of the Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2, the newest version of the only desktop FE-SEM on the market. Building upon the compact design of the world’s best-selling desktop SEM, the Pharos G2 system allows users to harness the full power of a FE-SEM without the hassles and environmental constraints of a floor-model unit. The Phenom SEMs have earned a reputation for being extremely user friendly with a fast workflow, and the Pharos G2 is no exception—it takes users from sample loading to a crisp, bright image in as little as one minute. The Pharos G2 also features the new Phenom user interface, which brings data acquisition and beautiful images into one widescreen display for intuitive navigation and control.

Gone are the days of a full room with special infrastructure dedicated to the FE-SEM. The Pharos G2 is fully self-contained yet maintains a desktop footprint. “The Phenom Pharos G2 system sets a new standard for FE-SEM performance,” explains Sebastian Kossek, PhD, co-CEO of Nanoscience Instruments. “Not only can the Pharos G2 obtain higher quality images than many floor-model SEMs, but its ease of use is far superior. With a resolution of 2.0 nm at 20kV, and a rapid workflow, the Pharos G2 delivers performance and throughput that surpass expectations.”

Some of the most notable updates to the Pharos G2 are related to its hardware. The new internal hardware produces higher resolution and provides images with exceptional contrast and unparalleled clarity, even accommodating sensitive or difficult samples. The Pharos G2 now features an expanded acceleration voltage range of 1 – 20 kV, which allows users to image insulating and beam-sensitive samples without damaging important features or microstructures. Elemental analysis (EDS) is also easier than ever before on the Pharos G2. The EDS detector and its software can be fully integrated with the Pharos G2 system, providing a seamless transition between SEM and EDS imaging. The new Phenom UI brings EDS mapping and analysis into one widescreen display, supporting easy elemental classification and quantification with just a few clicks.

The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2 provides unparalleled performance with an easy user experience, delivering exceptional images with minimal effort. Learn more about the Phenom Pharos G2 on our website:

About Nanoscience Instruments

Nanoscience Instruments is a trusted supplier of the most innovative and highest quality analytical solutions to academia and industry. With installations in over 1,000 labs in the US, we specialize in microscopy and surface science instrumentation to help scientists and engineers solve complex problems leading to breakthrough innovations. Nanoscience Instruments offers a wide range of instrumentation and analytical services including scanning electron microscopes, electrospinning equipment, quartz crystal microbalances with dissipation, optical and force tensiometers, nanoparticle generators, cathodoluminescence detectors, sample preparation for SEM and TEM, and TEM accessories such as cryoEM sample preparation, in-situ sample holders, and hybrid pixel detectors. The full portfolio is available on the Nanoscience Instruments website:

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