Phenom Pharos SEM with FEG

Phenom desktop SEM - EDS map of an electronic chip
Tabletop SEM image of tin spheres

Meteorite EDS Map


Lily Pollen

Integrated circuit EDS map

Integrated Circuit EDS Map

Tin spheres

Tin Spheres

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Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop SEM. Resolution. Re-imagined.

The Thermo ScientificTM Phenom Pharos G2 is a the only tabletop SEM with a field emission (FEG) source. Get crisp, high brightness, high resolution images in the same compact design of the best-selling Phenom desktop SEMs, while maintaining the same easy and intuitive operation.

The advanced hardware design and detectors enable a fast time to image and easy, foolproof handling.

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The Phenom Pharos G2 is the only desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM) designed with the power of a FEG source, delivering high resolution images in the same intuitive and compact design that has made the Phenom the worlds best selling tabletop SEM. The optional secondary electron detector (SED), energy-dispersive X-ray detector (EDX), and sophisticated suite of analytical software allow a detailed analysis of any sample. The innovative design of the Phenoms provides a list of advantages over every other desktop SEM:

  • Only 30 seconds from sample loading to imaging. The Phenom Pharos desktop SEM is the fastest SEM.
  • Multiple acceleration voltages
  • Motorized XY stage
  • Color optical camera for single-click navigation
  • Elemental analysis with EDS option
  • Secondary electron detector option
  • Small footprint
  • No infrastructure needed

Sample Holder for the Phenom Scanning Electron Microscope

Accessories for the Phenom Pharos

Phenom Pharos sample holders are optimized for the fastest time-to-image available in the market.

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Phenom Pro Suite Interface for Phenom Scanning Electron Microscopes

Phenom Software

Software options are available to meet your SEM needs, including automated and market-specific solutions. Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) can be added to analyze the elemental composition of samples.

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Category Pharos G2 Specification
Optical navigation camera 27 – 160x magnification
SEM magnification range up to 2,000,000x
  • 3 nm (BSD) @ 20kV
  • 2.0 nm (SED) @ 20kV
  • 10 nm (SED) @ 3kV
Acceleration voltages Default: 5kV, 10kV and 15kV
Advanced Mode: adjustable range between 1kV and 20kV
Vacuum modes High, medium, and low vacuum (charge reduction mode)
Detectors BSD
EDS/EDX (optional)
SED (optional)
Sample diameter Up to 25 mm (Ø)
Sample height Up to 100 mm (h)
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